residency options

Do you want to step out of the wirlwind of your daily life for some days? Design your personal spiritual practice with the support of an open-minded community? Or fully devote your life to your spiritual practice?

The monastery can be a place to resource, recenter, rethink, or redesign your life. You can join us in one of the following ways:

Do a retreat. You can join us for an evening, a day, a week, or indefinite! Just send an email and let us know what you need.  Our doors are always open and the program of the Monastery is regularly updated online, both for one-day or longer residential visits. Unless indicated otherwise, retreats are free of charge, but we do accept contributions (either in cash, or in natura, like working in the garden, doing translations, or helping out with the workshops). Just as a reference: we spend about 50 euro per week p.p. on food and other basics and we do have a steep rent to pay.

Become a full-time monk. The full-time monks live in the Monastery according to a personalized monastic order, based on individualized vows, following the co-created rules of the monastery. This means they lead a life of meditation and prayer, body and ritual practice, study and social service. The Monastery does not promote any kind of religious or practice standard; each of the monks develop their own spiritual path within the confines of the common meditation and prayer moments.

Become a part-time monk. The Monastery is also open for part-time participation, i.e. to city dwellers that want to take on the opportunity to come by on a regular basis and step into the monastic life as lay practitioners.

While staying at The Monastery, we invite you to step into the monastic rhythm, and make the shared practice possible for everybody. This means that we kindly ask you to refrain from using phone and computer outside of the working hours, to keep silence at the appointed times, and to respect the practice of others.

The life at The Monastery is one of simplicity: we share the same sleeping space, kitchen and bathroom. But although this might seem like a drawback, most residents actually express their wonder about this not being so difficult at all. Next to the house and studio, there is also outside space to hang out: a bit rooftop terrace, a shared office space, and the inner courtyard.

The Monastery also shares its premises with Studio La Limite, so while staying at our place, you could also opt to take up some of the classes organised here, like Feldenkrais, a voice lab, Qi Gong, Katzugen or a Tantra course. These classes are organised by the teachers in a communal setting, so the prices are dependent on them, and are independent of the organisation of The Monastery. You can find a full schedule of the activities organised in Studio La Limite on