Pilgrimage Mont-Saint-Michel

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From 16 to 30 April the Monastery goes mobile: for 2 weeks we will walk part of the traditional pilgrim’s route between Paris and Mont-Saint-Michel. We sleep outside in a tent, and live frugally, taking all the opportunity to enjoy nature and the gentle pace of the woods. If you want to join for one or two weeks, you have to organise transport yourself (we can send you the itinerary, and there are plenty of easy-to-reach train stations to catch up). We will walk and eat ‘à l’improviste’, following the GR22 and sleeping wherever we end up at night. So don’t expect an organised trek. But take this rather as an invitation to be-together-in-the-walking. And step out of your regular (working) life.

If you are interested, let us know: monk@themonasterybrussels.org

Tandava Meditation Brunch

Sunday, 25th of February 2018, 10.30-14h. Kids welcome!

Start your Sunday with a nice, soft movement Tandava meditation, and then join us for a shared brunch.


The Tandava is a practice from the Kashmir tantra tradition: with gentle movement you tune into the vibration of the space around you. You give over to the waves of energy moving through you, dissolving the boundaries between you and the world. In the second phase of the meditation we use music to help your flow to come to full bloom.

For the brunch, you can just come and then you pay a small contribution, or you can add some food to the table. Let us know if you come on studiolalimite@gmail.com.

Weekend Pilgrimage

29.9 (evening) to 1.10 (evening)

A Pilgrimage is a break with ordinary life. A chance to take a step back and exit the time restraints and pressures of daily life. For a couple of days we walk out of our habits, leaving phones and computers behind, and do a (partly scored) walk in nature. We allow for silence and companionship, creating a mindful breathing space in our heads, and sleeping in the open and improvise our way through obstacles.

We start the Pilgrimage on Friday evening with an improvised potluck and evening ceremony at The Monastery. On Saturday we take an early train to our starting point in Wallonie (station to be confirmed) and start our two-day walk. We expect to return to Brussels around 8pm on Sunday. If you can not make it on Friday, you can still meet us at North Station on Saturday.

For those that do not like to carry their tent themselves, we can find a way to get it delivered to the camping spot.

What to bring:

good walking shoes, waterproof jacket, poket knife and spoon and a light bowl, tent (we can try to share), torch.

If you come, let us know by sending a mail to studiolalimite@gmail.com. also mention if you bring a tent, and how many people it fits…