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the lover’s petition
to become undone
a silent cry for returning to the home within.

The Monastery lives and breathes through the practice of its monks and inhabitants. It is created through devotion: the labour invested in the communal practice of desire and love. A Monastery is a ‘factory of love’, it produces the awareness of life itself, in love’s embrace of the connectedness that precedes us. What manifests itself in Love, is the acute awareness of our fragility. In Love, we momentarily take off the harness that protects and alienates us from the world. It is in letting go of my protection that I become aware of the existential fact that we are breakable, prone to disintegration, to sickness, to death. It is this ‘breakability’ that connects us, that makes us able to embrace the other’s pain, and turn it into a shared celebration of a-live-ness.

In Love, we are no longer affirming our autonomy and self-interest. Other than the contemporary commodified, contractual agreement to form economic-affective partnerships, this love does not ask for reinforcement, but rather for the opposite. This love aks our partner(s) to help us to become undone. To be able to let go of who we think we have to be. To let go of representation. To finally reconnect to a deeper awareness of being part of life’s fabric all along. To exist on a plane that is not one of separation, but of connectedness. Not only with the partner(s), but with all the others that seem to have misplaced their lives as well.

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