The Monastery @ Kaaitheater – 9&10/3

The Monastery is returning to the Kaaistudios – which has become a familiar environment – for a special, two-day event. This time, A-LIFE combines the celebration of spring with the queerness of practice during an experimental monastic happening for women, men, and those who have left this binary far behind. Expect a monastic day inContinue reading “The Monastery @ Kaaitheater – 9&10/3”

Tandava Meditation Brunch

Sunday, 25th of February 2018, 10.30-14h. Kids welcome! Start your Sunday with a nice, soft movement Tandava meditation, and then join us for a shared brunch.   The Tandava is a practice from the Kashmir tantra tradition: with gentle movement you tune into the vibration of the space around you. You give over to theContinue reading “Tandava Meditation Brunch”