2-8/3, 4-10/5, 25-31/5, 22-28/6/2020

The Monastery is a place for contemplation, reflection, meditation and recharging. Previously a full-time living community, the Monastery now opens the doors at set times during the year for intensive meditation weeks in residence. If you are interested in taking a little break from life-as-usual and want to open up your body and mind to experience more fully, with more breath and distance, at once more intimate and more detached, then feel welcome to come and join us.

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A usual monastic day looks like this:

7.00: breathing and first meditation

8.00: movement practice

9.00: breakfast

10.00: personal study time

12.00: lunch preparation

12.30: lunch

13.30: creative meditation (voice, dance, drawing,…)

14.30: individual meditation time or work time (for the monks)

17.30: sitting meditation

18.30: dinner preparation

19.00: dinner

20.30: closing of the day reflection and meditation

21.30: silence


Where: Studio La Limite, rue de la Limite 93, 1210 Brussels

When: 2-8/3, 4-10/5, 25-31/5, 22-28/6/2020. Starting on Monday at 9am, ending with a meditative walk on Sunday morning

Food: vegan, we cook together

Price: donation, recommended donation for the whole week: 250 euro

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