To surrender completely, to get lost in your laughter, to be taken over by intense sadness or exuberant joy, to be without shame, to embrace your inner wildness. Some of these skills we’ve lost in childhood. we were hurt and decided never to get hurt again.  We were punished and decided to avoid future punishment. We learned to suppress some of our most vital energies. They became secret, locked away together with your dark and destructive desires.

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Shadow work brings them back. It is a way to face your hurt, break through the seals that kept you safe and well-behaved, bring out your wildness, and explore your inner landscape. Beyond good and evil you discover the treasures that are hidden in the shadows.  You learn to shift old patterns that no longer serve you, transform anger into agency, sadness into connection with yourself and others, and fear into insight and understanding. For this we work with four Archetypes:

  • the Sovereign makes you feel confident, peaceful, centered, stable and joyful,
  • the Lover makes your bodies vibrant and sensual, open and empathic, connected, spontaneous and playful
  • the Warrior sets boundaries, fuels self-discipline, cuts through bullshit, and gets things done
  • the Magician allows you to detach, take perspective, to see different options, and tap into our intuitive knowledge.

During a shadow work weekend, up to eight participants will have a chance to do a piece of individual shadow work, with others participating in their process.  We start with building a safe container, where everyone agrees to withhold judgement, examine their own prejudices, and refrain from giving advice. Feeling the depth and connection in a truly safe shadow work container, you will find it quite natural to begin your own process with whatever issue you choose.


“It was my first full Shadow Work Workshop and it was a very uplifting experience: humanity at its best holding others in deep intimacy and caring.  I felt very safe in the space and would very happily return for more. I was touched deep in my soul by how supportive and open a group of almost strangers can become in a day. Thank you.’ SB

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for Friday.  I feel very grateful for my process, which felt exactly what I needed. I appreciate the level of safety you both created to enable this for me and clearly for others too.” JB

“Going through the Shadow Work process has been life-changing for me. It has helped me find balance and feel peace within myself, as well as having practical positive benefits in my life, work and relationships.” RL

Practical information

  • Venue: Studio La Limite, Grensstraat 93, 1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Node
  • Timing: 23-25 November, Friday 2pm to Sunday 5pm latest
  • Cost: 400 euros. Price includes:
    • Dinner on Firday and Saturday,
    • Lunch on Saturday and Sunday,
    • Tea, coffee, and cookies
  • Facilitators: Liz Remande-Guyard and Nick Klyne (assisted by Stijn Smeets)
  • Booking: Registration by emailing to (only 2 places left)
  • Accomodation: There are plenty of B&B’s, youth hostels and hotels around.

More information about Shadow Work: &

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