Pilgrimage for adolescents at risk


As a pilgrim, you leave behind your daily life and become temporarily homeless. Free from expectations and duties, you can observe your old life. Every day is simple and has a clear goal. There are no choices to be made. Your body follows a path that thousands of pilgrims have gone before you. Your mind is free to rethink, redesign, revive old dreams, and surrender to absurd thoughts. There is space for silence, sharing, an open mind and a fresh breeze that blows right through you.

We walk the via Monastica throughout Belgium, from Postel to Dinant. More information about this route you find here.  We will sleep in hostels, monasteries, B&B’s, or outside if the weather allows.


October 13 through 21, but you can also join for a few days. We’ll let you know at what train station we will pick you up. Below a suggested planning (that may still be changed):

za 13/10: Abdij Postel – Sint-Hubertuskerk (Balen-Hulsen), 20,9 km
zo 14/10: Balen-Hulsen – Norbertijnenabdij Tongerlo, 20,75km
ma 15/10: Tongerlo – Diest, Halve Maan, 25,7 km
di 16/10: Diest, Halve Maan – Budingen fietsknooppunt 192, 21,85 km
wo 17/10: Budingen – Hélécine, voormalige Norbertijnenabdij, 20,95km
do 18/10: Hélécine -Jodoigne, RAVeL 2/Rue de Piétrain, 11,25km
vr 19/10: Jodoigne – Namen, St.-Jakobskerk, 33km
za 20/10: Namen-Dinant, Abdij van Leffe, 28km
zo 21/10: Return to Sint-Joost-ten-Node, Brussel


Cognitively and creatively able youngsters (age 14 though 25) with existential questions, that have a hard time finding their paths through school, studies, or life. Or that struggle with themselves and would like to take some time off to rethink who they are and what they want.

Participants must be able to walk 25 km per day with a backpack.

What do I bring?

Good walking shoes, a light backpack, a waterproof jacket, a pocket knife, a torch, a bowl and a spoon.

How much will it cost?

If you walk the entire route, you pay 600 euros (this is all inclusive). Otherwise you can roughly count 60 euros per day you are joining.

How to enroll?

Send us an email (monk@themonasterybrussels.be) and tell us something about yourself and your motivation to participate. Also include what days you would like to join. Priority will be given to those that join the entire route. There are five spots.


This pilgrimage is organized by monk Stijn. Click here for more information about him.

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