Prayer for Queer Practice

QUEER SPIRITUALITY – or how to undo the Great Divide

I am reborn in You
No One, No I, no Truth
(mantra of The Monastery)


To curve the plane of daily reality. To create holes in the surface of the everyday. So you can breathe a little more freely. To suspend judgment indefinitely. To vibrate in the paradox, without the need for a solution. In the Monastery we practice queering up reality: to let go of the dichotomies and categorisations that hold our lives hostage.

The daily rhythm is about creating space. About freeing up time from the confines of work, of accumulation, of identity building. To free up love from the confines of marriage or polyamory, the One or the Many.

We call it a transspiritual practice. There is no religious dogma ruling life. There is no Transcendence, only transendences, as Bruno Latour points out. Only things, big and small, that simultaneously reach out and escape us. Are available and resistant. And in that movement lies there grace.

The redistribution of the Divine, or Space, of Life. No longer a capital possession of rules and truth, copyrighted by law or religion. But a free license to feel for all. To undo the confines of habit and prescription. Falling backwards into Original Intimacy. Or the Shit of Life.

In expansion, we become the world. And the world speaks through us. In all its love and violence, grace and rape, war and beauty. Without judgment we are free to act out. Whatever is given to us. In the bow of a lifetime.

Whan the surface of the everyday gets pierced through, the juices start to flow, and the world appears in all its alienation. Uncanny. Things are still there, habits still in place, but the causal chain of their unfolding is broken. Taking a cup no longer means drinking a coffee, but becomes an event in itself. An opening towards the Intimacy of life. A moment of lostness in the middle of everything you know.

To get there we move from a gender politics to a spiritual ethics of being-in-and-with. Undividing the divided, until a space unfolds that is both familiar and unreal. A fictional reality more real than the narratives shaping it.

We resist by surrendering. By falling through the holes of the grid. Space unfolds, the I gets lost, finally going nowhere.

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